Extend the Life of Your Parking Lot

Schedule reliable parking lot maintenance services in Olathe & Eudora, KS

Don't worry if your concrete parking lot is covered in potholes and cracks. Monarch Concrete Construction provides parking lot maintenance and repair services in the Olathe & Eudora, KS area. You can trust our experienced concrete contractor to fill in potholes and cracks to give your parking lot a smooth, attractive surface.

We can also:

  • Power wash your parking lot to remove tough stains
  • Sweep it to get rid of dust and debris
  • Caulk and seal it to protect against future damage
Our salt guard concrete sealer provides top-notch protection from road salt, ice, rain and snow.

3 great reasons to schedule concrete parking lot maintenance

3 great reasons to schedule concrete parking lot maintenance

Monarch Concrete Construction does concrete parking lot repair and maintenance work in Olathe & Eudora, KS. Regular maintenance can:

  1. Enhance the appearance of your parking lot
  2. Extend the life of your parking lot
  3. Save you money by preventing future issues
Call 913-522-9317 right away to speak with a concrete contractor and arrange for parking lot maintenance services.